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Precious Gems

For more information about Precious Gems locally and nationally please follow this link.  Precious Gems


Contact details: email:                  Mobile: 07730869267

Rev. Thandey Sibanda

I’m a Presbyter for the Methodist churches of Farnworth and Worsley Circuit. I have lived in Kearsley for more than 11 years and have become very involved with the community.  I am very passionate about children, youth, young mums and also our elderly and vulnerable within the communities. I would like to work and support them in every way I can

l  love encouraging the young to grow well in their faith as they are our future generation. 

The thing I love the most is to encourage justice, peace and releasing others into an exciting and biblical understanding of who we are in Christ Jesus and what we can accomplish. I care for people with the love of Jesus. My desire is to see others happier, respected and valued – it brings joy into my heart.


The Kearsley operation of Precious Gems is overseen by  Thandy Sibanda. (known as  Casey)
Casey is an Associate Pastor and also works with the children and youth at Kearsley Mount.
The first community project that Precious Gems is working on is Knit and Natter.  This is part of Project Purple
This project is aimed at the over 50s in the community. We know that one of the biggest challenges facing this group is loneliness. We are going to improve this situation by organising visitations, volunteering domestic help, day trips, and social events, etc. We believe this will improve their well-being and in turn reduce mental disorders.
Knit and Natter  involves people getting together and knitting items such as blankets  or clothes which are then donated to charities supporting the less fortunate. 
                                      Awards for All  Funding                                                                                                  Lloyds Bank Community funding

                              Sally, Casey, Steve & Oboh                                                                                                  Sally & Casey canvassing votes

                   Knit & Natter stall                                                                                                                  Knit & Natter Lunch

     Flower Festival display                                             Casey at Tesco

                                       Casey                                                    Anna & Casey                                        One group Knitting & Nattering

Phographs from Week 2